Greetings to Express Joyful Spirit of Eid Mubarak Celebrate

It used to be prior to the celebration of Eid Mubarak or Idul Fitri what we call it in Indonesia, one item in our shopping list is to buy greeting cards for friends, family, to the extend of corporates and organisation would design a custom Eid Mubarak greeting cards to send to their peers and college to share the joyful spirit of the festivity.

Nowadays, there are so many option to explore in finding the right design and graphic artwork that fits with your needs in this  digital media era. You can buy or find a free Eid Mubarak artwork from any where in the world. The offer were limitless, huge variety of ideas and uniqueness. It’s quite interesting actually.

How’s the role of Digital vs Print greeting cards these days?
Digital format may be efficient because it’s easy. You setup the artwork and send it to group of recipient and just like that the work is done. With digital greeting cards you can get responses immediately sometimes. However this seems appropriate for personal purposes or digital media community where it’s usually casual.

As for Print format, for now corporate and institution still choose the conventional way by having printed greeting card to represent their corporation gesture to their stake holders, peers and relations. The amount of the printing may be reduce up to 50% but they still require printed greeting cards. They usually select their to sent list and the rest they will do e-greeting cards.

However, whether its digital or print our greeting cards needs to represent our personal gesture. Therefore it’s important to have an artwork design that’s interesting and unique enough that the recipient would appreciate it.

Here are few interesting Eid Mubarak design and artwork from around the globe :



Source of these pictures: Pinterest & Etsy

In Indonesia celebrating Eid Mubarak or Idul Fitri were also command to send small gift along with the greeting cards to express  a more personal touch.

There are many resources out there to buy Eid Mubarak graphic artwork or a local graphic design company can create a custom graphic artwork and design for your Eid Mubarak Festivity Design. – Srios

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